in development.

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fictional series (8 x 25 minutes)

Headwriter: TBA
Concept: Daniel Thomaser & Katja Klengel
Idea: Pola Beck & Miriam Klein
Development funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

After the birth of their son Knut, Lucy and Tarek find that baby guides only tell half the story…the easy half. But when it comes to inflamed nipples, mom-shaming, little sleep, less ‘me time’, absolutely no sex, and the existential angst of feeling stuck in a cycle of changing diapers and warming bottles…that’s the stuff you have to figure out on your own.

Status: In Development


fictional series (8 x 45 minutes)

Writer: Kim Zimmermann

From author Kim Zimmermann (Netflix’s Skylines), THE INDICTMENT is a globetrotting political thriller set across the International Criminal Court at The Hague, Central Africa, and the Eifel region of western Germany. KATJA (late 30’s) is an ex-journalist whose life was ruined by a single investigation. Now, that case has brought her back to The Hague, where she must confront her past and pick up the pieces of her career. Working with a team of ICC investigators, Katja uncovers a crime that is not only staggering in its scope, but also deeply personal to her.

Status: In Development


feature film

Writer: Maike Rasch & Charlotte Rolfes
Director: Charlotte Rolfes
Development funded by Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein.

A coming-of-age drama laced with fantastical elements and tied together with a love story. In the week before Malvina’s 14th birthday, everything starts to go wrong. When she kisses a 14-year old boy named Klatsche, he immediately morphs into her grandfather. Every time she is with Klatsche, the old man continues to haunt her in frightening fantasies that feel all too real. Malvia fears she is going crazy…but who can she turn to for help when she doesn’t even understand what’s happening to her? Malvina must confront repressed demons in order to stop the abuse, and fight for her happiness, her love, and her life.

Based on the award-winning eponymous novel by Beate Teresa Hanika.

Status: In Development


feature film

Writer: Paul Salisbury
Development funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

TONI is a female bodyguard who has never gotten a chance to prove herself…until she’s offered a job protecting Nick Wagner, Germany’s biggest movie star. The catch: She has to pretend to be Nick’s new flame for the paparazzi. At first the two get along like oil and water, but soon they discover real feelings for each other.

Status: In Development


feature film

Writer: Oskar Tellhed

Project development funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

What if the nicest guy in the office needs to do everything to get fired?

Status: In Development