january 2013

a little. film production = Miriam Klein + Aron Lehmann

a little. film production will no longer only produce fashion films, but also co-produce national and international feature films.


Hutton Queen. A collection by Willem Gremliza. Starring: Renate Zatsch.
Producer: Miriam Klein    Director: René Fietzek    DOP: Cristian Pirjol
Music: Boris Bojadzhiev      Voice by Daniella D’Ambrosio


Freshmen collection Spring Summer 2012. LAST by Janosch Mallwitz.
Inspired by J.D.Salinger’s Franny and Zooey.
Producer: Miriam Klein Director: Verena Mundhenke DOP: Cristian Pirjol
Music by FENSTER “White to red”.

Humanity in Fashion Award 2012

Portrait of the three nominees during the presentation and award ceremony in January 2012 in Berlin.
Commissioned by hessnatur.
Producer: Miriam Klein DOP: Cristian Pirjol Editor: Francis Kamprath
Music by HUNDREDS.